Fun summer games

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Summer is time off school; you can relax and forget about schooling for 3 months. However, you still want to exercise your brain during the off time. For sure, nobody would like to be overwhelmed with school or college preparation activities, in order not to burnout before the schooling year starts. There is no better way than turning your exercise into a game, keeping your mind active and having fun at the same time. The best variant is fun summer games. When the pressure is gone; you can just relax with your friends and create the ways of learning and laughing at the same time. Here are just some ideas of how to.

Together with your friends you can enlarge your vocabulary and build word power with the help of this amusing exercise. One person from the team selects a random word from the vocabulary each week, the stranger the better. For instance, kerfuffle, obfuscate, bodacious, menagerie, etc. When a new word is introduced, each member of the group thinks of how to use it in everyday conversations and insert it into speech talking to parents, other friends etc. You are not allowed to tell anyone that this is one of your fun summer games. People may think there is something wrong with you, but you can explain later. Just imagine what a fun it will be to share your experience with your teammates, discuss strange looks, confusion, reaction of your close people, etc.

You can also try an arithmetic chain, starting with a complex equitation, every person adds a new portion of equitation during the week and at the end of the week all friends compare their results. If the results differ, the correct result can be found together, with the discussion of the wrong steps.

These are only two possibilities of fun summer games, you can invent many of them turning on your imagination or look for them on-line.