Summer camp games

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The inseparable part of summer fun for kids and teens are games, as children love them. Summer camp games are a lot of fun for kids and a field of thought for the educational stuff. The games can be just entertaining or have an educational purpose, alongside with being just fun. To make the games desirable and interesting for your campers follow a simple rule: ‘everybody plays — everybody wins’. This article will also provide you with the rules for games at camp that would be of great help.

Campers will be more interested in playing a game if you are playing with them, so participating in a game is paramount. Participate and have fun, but don’t play with the skills above your campers, as this is unfair and even can be dangerous. Make sure that all the participants of the summer camp games are equally active when playing. Don’t let the more active and athletic kids dominate the game and leave the less active campers on the sideline. It is a fact that games become more fun, when the score becomes not important. Try to limit the focus on ‘losing’ or ‘winning’, concentrating on fun and being active. To make the old games more interesting, change the rules, this will refresh the games kids can become bored with. In order to lead a successful game, you must learn the games from all the levels: the children can be of different physical levels, the game can depend on weather, various personalities, etc. Always, always and once again, always encourage fairplay, teamwork and sportsmanship! Only positive comments work for the game. A very important rule is to stop the game when campers are still having fun. If you play till the moment kids are tired and bored, they most probably wouldn’t like to return to this game. Let children lead games.

No matter what summer camp games you will choose, most of all enjoy them and have fun!