Summer games for kids

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Each season comes together with its fascinating changes and special holidays. All the seasons have their own characteristics and the games accompanying them. Each time of the year provides us with the new games. Summer, when it is warm and the sun is graceful to us, it is the time to play games when we can feel the grass with our feet and splash in the water.
Here are some summer games for kids to enjoy and make the most of this very short season.

‘Fill it up’.
This game is best played outdoors. If you get the kids to play this several times, they’ll be sure to sleep well that night! The game is appropriate for the kids from five to twelve years old. To play this game you will need: four buckets, small plastic cups and a measuring cup to see which team wins. The game presents an aerobic team race with the objective of water transferring. The team that brings more water wins. How to play: divide children in two teams, fill one of each team’s bucket with water, put an empty bucket across the field, line up the members of each team behind the full bucket and let them taking turns putting water in their cups and bringing it to the empty bucket, they need to avoid spilling water to bring more. The game is finished when the water is transferred from the full bucket to an empty one. Using a measuring cup, see what team has more water ad they are the winners. A great variant of summer games for kids!

‘Barefoot and marble-ous’ is another variant of the same game. Instead of the buckets you will need Frisbees and approximately 50 marbles (25 for each team). The objective is the same as in the game with water, but instead of it the participants will need to transfer marbles in their feet from the full Frisbee to an empty one.

No matter what summer games for kids you select, make sure they are interesting, pleasurable, fun and active.