Summer x games

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The X Games represents a commercial annual sportive event, arranged and controlled by ESPN, having its focus on action sports. The opening X Games took place on Rhode Island in summer of 1995.

The Summer X Games are as a rule held in August on the territory of the United States of America. The winners of the competition get bronze, silver and gold medals and also prize money. The competition very often features new tricks, for instance double backflip in Freestyle Motocross, performed by Travis Pastrana and Anthony Napolitan’s first double front flip on a bicycle. Together with X Games, ‘X Fest’ is taking place; it is a sports and music festival that offers a live music and athlete sessions plus interactive components.

The location for the Summer X Games is in Los Angeles. Together with this X Games holds international competitions in different parts of the world at various times throughout a year. The games are broadcasted live on television.

Summer X Games include: Moto, consisting of Best Whip, Speed & Style, Best Trick, Freestyle, Enduro X, Step Up and Adaptive; Rally comprising Car Racing and Car SuperRally; Skateboarding including Vert, Park, Street, Big Air, Best Trick and S-K-A-T-E; and BMX composed of Freestyle Vert, Freestyle Park, Freestyle Street, Freestyle Big Air.